The CW orders Hunger Games-style pilot, but girlier

The CW has ordered a pilot based on a forthcoming series of YA novels by Kierra Cass. The Selection is a cross between The Hunger Games and Disney Princesses. No, really, it is.

hunger games cw(image source: Amazon)

America Singer is one of 35 girls chosen by lottery to compete for a prize that will lift her out of her less than life and put her in the path of a prince. She’s already in love with her hometown boyfriend, but as she gets to know the prince, she realizes she may not be as into townie boy as she thought. A little Princess Jasmine being rescued from a predetermined life path, a touch of Belle softening to the Beast the longer she lives in the castle, and a dash of Katniss Everdeen running through the forest with her legs on fire, The Selection has something for us all. Read More