The Hunger Games on CW

The CW orders Hunger Games-style pilot, but girlier

The CW has ordered a pilot based on a forthcoming series of YA novels by Kierra Cass. The Selection is a cross between The Hunger Games and Disney Princesses. No, really, it is.

hunger games cw(image source: Amazon)

America Singer is one of 35 girls chosen by lottery to compete for a prize that will lift her out of her less than life and put her in the path of a prince. She’s already in love with her hometown boyfriend, but as she gets to know the prince, she realizes she may not be as into townie boy as she thought. A little Princess Jasmine being rescued from a predetermined life path, a touch of Belle softening to the Beast the longer she lives in the castle, and a dash of Katniss Everdeen running through the forest with her legs on fire, The Selection has something for us all.

Oh, wait, it doesn’t. Pretty dresses are well and good, and I can get down with a banquet in my honor as much as the next girl, but Katniss wasn’t just any girl. She wasn’t worried about pretty dresses and saw the trappings of the Capitol as a distraction from what she was in the Hunger Games to do. Not die.

Princess town

I’m pretty sure right now that America is going to win this thing. I don’t think that’s a big spoiler or anything. Or else how is she going to end up with the prince and not have the book end half-way through the story? So half the book will be Katniss, and the other half will be princess town. If we’re lucky.

I tried to tell myself that this book (and television series) could really be okay. America’s strong, fierce, and resourceful enough to win this dystopian kickball game. He’s just some smelly old prince, protected and cloistered from her world. It would make for an incredibly compelling romantic dynamic, placing the woman in a position of emotional power. It’s neat to think about a maybe, kinda, sorta positive relationship for tweens to look to.

But, of course, to even get close to the prince, America has to defeat (kill?) 34 other young women. For a guy. For the chance at a guy. Doesn’t do much for the sisterhood, does it?

Entertainment Weekly


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