SOPA and the huge deal about censorship

Argh… Pirates?

This is late in the day, but I wanted to talk about SOPA, what SOPA means, how it’s different from PIPA, and why law-abiding citizens should care. Also, I want to poke fun at people who are freaking out about Wikipedia and Google going dark.


Obviously (?), online piracy is the downloading of copyrighted material. Wherever you fall on the spectrum, whether you’ve never download a single MP3 without shelling out 99¢ to iTunes or you’re torrenting all six seasons of Lost at this very moment to burn and sell in Seoul, we all understand that illegally downloading copyrighted material is illegal in the United States. You may not agree with the MPAA or RIAA, but the law is with them. So, ostensibly, laws to prevent piracy are good? Right? Read More