Downton Abbey Fire Sale

Everything at Downton is Yours

You can own the clothes

If you go for the full Lady Mary, you’re going to look like a freak in the streets and an assassin between the sheets. Or maybe just a freak. Especially if you sport Lady Sophia’s harem pants and coronet (We’re really all for harem pants here at Giraffe et al., but tonight we’re just not buying whatever Lady Sophia is selling.)

But you CAN party like it’s 1909 with a few key pieces added to your wardrobe, says Rachel Elbaum of Today. Lace-up boots with a small heel, a cloche hat, or a buttoned up cropped jacket are all perfectly reasonable clothing pieces that will allow you to live the fashion of Downton Abbey without setting off the crazy alarms.

You can own the jewelry

PBS, without so much as a by-your-leave from anyone who actually holds the rights to Downton Abbey, has started hawking Downton inspired jewelry. Whoops! So that’s not up at the PBS online store anymore, but you can still invest in lovely vintage pieces or some cheap knockoffs from Forever 21 to achieve the same look.

(image source: Polyvore)

Pearls, oversized stud earrings, and large cocktail rings give you the same effect, but without all the infringement.

You can own the house

Okay, not really, but Andrew Lloyd Webber tried to purchase the Downton Abbey house, and has (thankfully?) so far not been successful. Webber made an unsolicited bid on Highclere Castle, the estate where Downton Abbey is filmed so that (wait for it…) he’d have a place to house his paintings. I could really use some more storage space for holiday decorations, but I, unlike Webber, don’t have the scratch. Much like the characters on the show, owner Countess of Carnarvon sees herself as a steward, preserving the home for future generations. Webber will just have to get a one of those driveway storage pods like the rest of us.


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