A Bright Game in a Small World

Illuminating Point-and-click Puzzles

The lights have gone out in Lume, and it’s up to you to get them back on. This point-and-click puzzle game, developed by State of Play, has an elegance and sophisticated aesthetic not seen in other casual puzzlers. While you have seen many of these puzzles before, especially if you’ve played any of the big name puzzle games released in the last few years, Lume remains challenging.

lume image(image source: The Mac Gamer)

The story begins as the main character, Lumi, approaches her grandfather’s house. With some hovering of the cursor, the player can easily identify the hotspots and what needs to be sorted out. Lumi has to first find her way into her grandfather’s home, and then begin getting the power back on and solving the mystery of how it went out in the first place. It’s a fairly straightforward story, but Lumi is endearing, and the paper model environment is a more than a little like a storybook.

lume image(image source: D-22 Zone)

Over in about two to three hours (if you get stuck), Lume isn’t going to be a time sink. However, the fun of the puzzles and the beauty of the environment makes Lume a worthwhile play. Released in May 2011, Lume is available for both PC and Mac from the Steam store. The soundtrack is available for free from the official website.


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